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Credit rating reports from First Report. With a credit rating on every UK company click here for Company Credit Reports.

With the most predictive credit risk ratings and an unrivalled business information resource we give you the tools to credit control more effectively.

  • Minimising your credit risk
  • Controlling your credit exposure
  • Setting credit limits with confidence

Our credit rating reports are relied upon by thousands of businesses throughout the UK and overseas. Our reports are a source of information that can help you to evaluate your medium-to-higher risk decisions.

Business Credit Rating Reports
Check the credit rating of any UK business online with First Report - click here to get Business Credit Ratings. You simply search and pay by credit card. If you have a continuing need to credit check customers, then you can reserve blocks of credits and benefit from discounted prices.

See My Credit Rating - Access to Your Credit Files
We offer our My Credit Rating service to consumers wishing to see their own credit report

Look no further for the quickest way to get a credit rating on any UK business or person. You just search online then select the report and pay by credit card and the report is shown on-screen - it's that quick. 10/10

Tenant Screening
For landlords and letting agents a tenant credit check can help to screen potential tenants. For more information please see the website for Tenant Screening.

See My Credit Rating
There was a time when it took a week or more to process applications by individuals to see their own credit files. My Credit Rating is simple and fast.

  • Check what the credit agency has on your file
  • Put more information on your credit file for lenders to see
  • Remove any errors that you discover on your credit file

International Credit Reports
As well as UK credit ratings you can get an overseas credit report through our global service. See Get a Business Rating for our international credit reporting services.

Credit Rating Reports...
Check Your Credit Rating
Get your credit file now and see the information financial companies see when they check your credit files

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Credit File Monitor
Don't let a forgotten overdue payment or ID fraud spoil your credit rating - a constant watch alert can warn you
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For Business Users
Get a credit rating on any customer in seconds and check their financial status and see their recommended credit limit
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What's in a Business Report?
Our credit rating reports contain in-depth information that can include: risk evaluation, adverse payment records, and financial statements. Designed to help you to make daily credit decisions, analyse the strength of the company, and confirm the identity of the directors and shareholders. Our reports have been developed to help you to make confident business decisions and reduce your credit risk. Each Limited company report also includes a unique credit rating which is more precise in pinpointing the relative level of risk for your company.

The Credit Rating
Each report includes a credit rating which is designed to evaluate the risk accurately and objectively. Our credit rating has two parts, a pounds sterling credit limit guideline, and a 1 to 100 risk scale. The 1 to 100 scale gives you a consistent benchmark for assessing your risk by placing the company on a scale which is relative to all other UK companies on the database. The credit scale actually predicts the likelihood of business failure - allowing you to make credit decisions faster and reduce your bad debts. Used along side the credit rating in our report, you can more easily judge the appropriate amount of credit for your business to extend.

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